jeudi 26 janvier 2012

Sales : first part

Hi !

I don't have a lot of things to show you, but there is a good new : I'll go back home this sunday, so I will at last be able to take some pictures of my looks 'cause my only photographer is my sister ... That's one of the many bad sides of doing absolutely-not-artistics studies. I have sooooo many things to show you !

Well waiting for this week-end I took some pictures of the shoes and the bag I bought during the sales. They're not over yet, there's still a lot of things I want, and on top of that I'm only showing you the no-clothes part of my sales. But I think you will agree with this fact : shoes and bags can look good by themselves, but clothes must be wore otherwise they just look like an old floor cloth.

It looks like if I had GIANT legs and RIQUIQUI feet !!!
The bag is from Furla, a brand I'm really in love with because they can do incredibly smart bags and shoes, but they also can do some really colorful, pop things (like those in plastic, the candy bags do you remember them ?) 

The "lie de vin" (I think an english it's burgundy or something like that but I'm not sure ...) shoes are from Maje, the stained pointed toe makes the difference ! I was so happy they were still available in my size.

And finally the blue ones, from Zara, got them at the incredible price of 20 euros ! I couldn't resist. My size was the last one so I didn't hesitate for a second !

The heels are not too high 'cause I love comfty shoes : I spend my life on heels so I can't afford to have painful shoes. The Zara ones are really surprisingly comfty, I had some apprehension but now I'm going to buy more Zara shoes !

Bonne soirée !!!

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