lundi 27 février 2012

Still in love with Burgundy !

Bonsoir bonsoir !!

The burgundy trend is almost gone, but it's a colour I really love, so I've started a resistance and I'm alreday thinking about summer burgundy looks !!

My sister and I did this shooting while we were in Roma, between two carnivals shows.
The weather was really bad and we only had a compact camera, that's why the quality of those pictures isn't as good as usual ...
We even had to stop the shooting because it started to rain !

Anyway, here are the few pictures we were able to take :

dimanche 26 février 2012

Carnaval : the video

Bonsoir !!

As I promised you, here is the video I did during the parade. Well in fact it's only a part of it, unfortunately most of it being too dark, noisy, blurred ... I was so sad I couldn't make it up ! 

Aren't they amazing ? It's totally incredible what they can do with those flags ! The colours of their costumes and flags are so bright !
The voice you hear is my mom's, she's explaining to me that they're training the whole year for this parade.

Totally different subject, but I wasn't going to do a post only for this remark.
Do you remember the Zara shoes that were in my spring wish-list ?

Lately I went to Zara and they had those shoes in my size so of course I tried them on ! 
But I was very disappointed : they were really painful !
The opened part of those shoes is exactly t the jonction between my nail and the rest of my feet, you know this tiny but so painful part of your foot ? I wasn't even able to stand up !

Have you tried them ?

Bonne soirée !

Milan Fashion Week - Part one

Bonjour !

I'm still working on the video and the shootings I did in Roma duing the carnival, ti's a little bit longer than I thought ... 

So, what about the fashion weeks ? Now it's the Milan one (after New York, London, ... will it stop one day ? ^^), and here are my latest loves. Transparency again and again, still my favorite looks.

If you want to see morre looks from the shows, go on the Vogue website you can suscribe to mail notifications when the pictures are on it, really useful ! 

vendredi 24 février 2012

Carnaval !!!

Bonsoir à tous !

I was in Roma during the carnival and I took as much pictures as I could ! Unfortunately it is impossible to show you all of them, but I've tried to make the best selection I could, hope you will enjoy it !

mardi 21 février 2012

Welcome at home !

Bonsoir bonsoir !

Do you remeber my posts about my spring wish-lists ?

Well I've been doing some shopping in Roma (Where I still am, flying back only tomorrow after the end of carnival (I'm working on a post about it)), and being in Italia isn't the best moment to buy italian brands like Miu Miu ?

lundi 20 février 2012

London Fashion Week, Part one

Bonsoir !

This time I will try to post regularly and avoid to be drawn among shows reports ! 
After the New York Fashion Week the London one is already on since a few days, and there is a lot of great looks. Of course my engineering school has again not planned "fashion week holidays" so I'm still looking at the pictures thanks to Vogue UK and their website, if you want to do so here is the link.

dimanche 19 février 2012

New York Fashion Week, last part (a little bit late ...)

Bonsoir tout le monde !!!

I absolutely want to show you my loves among the second part of New York Fashion Week, even if the London one as already started. It's going so fast !
 We had elections in my engineering school, what means party every night, lot of fun but not of sleep so it has been a little bit hard for me to stay tuned. However that may be, here are the pictures, hope you'll find these looks as great as I do ! (Hum ... don't know if this sentence is really english-correct ...)

mercredi 15 février 2012

Promenons-nous dans les bois ...

Bonsoir !

My sister and I did this shooting while the temperature was about -10°C, the ground was totally frozen ! I bought this bicolour jumper during the sales, it contains cashmere so it is really warm and it was ok. 

Now the temperature are back to normal and yesterday was the first snowy day of this winter, sooo great !

Bicolour jumper : Sandro
Leather skirt : Zara
Necklace : gift from mum
Shoes : Claudie Pierlot
Rings : Dior 

You can also find this look here :

If you like it feel free to hype/vote/chic it this look !

Bonne soirée !

dimanche 12 février 2012

New York Fashion Week

Bonsoir à tous !

Well as you may know, it's New York Fashion Week ! And thanks to the British Vogue website I've been able to see the pictures from the shows, I've subscribed to e-mail notifications for all the shows ! If you want to subscribe too (for all shows or only a selection, you choose) just follow this link : and click on "set photo alert".

It's really great they've done this 'cause my engineering school isn't really giving us free time-holidays to go to New Work and see the shows ... Don't know why ... Maybe I should suggest a prom travel ! ^^

I have spy a lot of things I love in this Fall Winter 2012/2013 collections like transparency, big shoulders, red glamour and lady like dresses, and metal ! Yes, it seems like gold, copper, iron .. are going to be the colours of next winter (they were in almost every show), isn't it so great ? So excited to see how it's going to be adapted for street style !

My three "top loving shows" are Prabal Gurung, Monique Lhuillier and Peter Som :
Sorry for the size of the pictures, but their quality isn't good enough to allow me enlarging them. However you can found them on the British Vogue website, just follow the link above.

Prabal Gurung

Monique Lhuillier

Peter Som

There are also many other looks I love, coming from several shows :

Christian Siriano

Jason Wu

Jill Stuart

St John

Wes Gordon

Helmut Lang


Mara Hoffman

It has been really hard to make a selection among all the amazing Fashion Week looks ! After my first selection there was something like a hundred looks I found inspiring ... Quite hard to put on a single blog article ! 

What surprised me a lot is that almost all those great designers are unknown in France (except from those working in the fashion industry of course), when you ask for an american designer people are going to think about Ralph Lauren (and Abercrombie & cie ) and that's all !

I had already heard about Jason Wu, Jill Stuart and Helmut Lang because I read a lot of fashion magazines but I have to confess that before this year New York Fashion Week (it is the first time I follow it) I had never heard about Prabal Gurung or Peter Som ... I'm so ashamed !

And you, did you knew them ? Do you have a favorite look or a suggestion ?
Tell me about it !!!

Bonne soirée, et bonne nuit !

samedi 11 février 2012

Spring wish list part 2 : clothes

Bonsoir !

After my spring most-wanted shoes I thought it could be great to show you that I'm not planing to spend spring with only shoes and no clothes ...!

So here are some of the clothes that are on my wish list, from some of my favorite usual shopping stores : h&m, zara, asos and new look. I also love banana republic, romwe, etc, but for the moment I still haven't fall in love with something for spring in those stores.

Other stores I'm in love with : Tara Jarmon, Sandro, Maje, Les Petites, Ba&sh, American Vintage, ... However they're a little bit more expensive. Not sure all of them exist out of France ...

The jumper n°2 and jacket n°3 are already miiiiiine !!!!

As you can see I'm planing to buy a lot of pastel colours ! I love them, and as they're back this spring-summer at last I have the occasion to buy some. Not going to miss it out. :-)

Bonne soirée à tous !

PS : this is only a short selection of my spring wantings (it has been really hard to choose !), for more you can take a look at my fashiolista profile :

jeudi 9 février 2012

Spring wish list part 1 : shoes

Bonjour !

I have to confess that I'm totally a shoe-addict, like almost every girl. I'm also addicted to jackets, lingerie (maybe the French touch ? ;-) ) and, since a few months, bags.

Here is a little selection of my most-wanted shoes for this spring, hope I will be able to buy some of them ! 
(I accept donations, please e-mail me and thank you in advance.)
4. Burberry Prorsum, 795$

What do you think of them ? Do you have any preference ?
Tell  me about it !

Bisous et bonne journée !

lundi 6 février 2012

La petite ceinture

Bonsoir à tous !

Second look ! My sister and I did this shooting on the Paris "Petite ceinture", an old and now unused railway network inside Paris. There is several ways to get in, and luckily we found one quite easily. 

Jumper : banana republic
Coat : Claudie Pierlot
Bag : Furla
Rings : Dior and an indian designer

You can find this look (and hype it, vote it, chic it and evrything you want) :

Bonne soirée !

Bisous !!