mardi 21 février 2012

Welcome at home !

Bonsoir bonsoir !

Do you remeber my posts about my spring wish-lists ?

Well I've been doing some shopping in Roma (Where I still am, flying back only tomorrow after the end of carnival (I'm working on a post about it)), and being in Italia isn't the best moment to buy italian brands like Miu Miu ?

Yes yes, the blue Miu Miu sandals I talked you about are now miiiiiine !
Only for pleasure, a picture of them once again :
And for the anecdote : I've a trick to know if the shoes I'm trying are really stable and painless. I simply hop on one foot ! The Miu Miu shop assistant allowed me to do so and we all take a really good fun moment while I was hoping across the store !!

My sister and I also did some shopping at Zara, not really italian but nice in every country ! And I've found the green skirt that was also in one of my spring wish-list, while it was already out of stock in the Zara near my home in France ... So happy I found it here !

I can't wait for the weather to get better and for spring to come ! I want to wear my new beauties NOW but sadly it can't be considered with our awful weather ...
As soon as it will be possible to wear them I will post pictures of my looks !!

What do you think of them ? Hope you like them as much as I do !

Bonne soirée !

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  1. Those shoes are gorgeous! I am so, so jealous since I adore Miu Miu shoes. How cool that you can say you bought Miu Miu shoes in Italy!