dimanche 26 février 2012

Carnaval : the video

Bonsoir !!

As I promised you, here is the video I did during the parade. Well in fact it's only a part of it, unfortunately most of it being too dark, noisy, blurred ... I was so sad I couldn't make it up ! 

Aren't they amazing ? It's totally incredible what they can do with those flags ! The colours of their costumes and flags are so bright !
The voice you hear is my mom's, she's explaining to me that they're training the whole year for this parade.

Totally different subject, but I wasn't going to do a post only for this remark.
Do you remember the Zara shoes that were in my spring wish-list ?

Lately I went to Zara and they had those shoes in my size so of course I tried them on ! 
But I was very disappointed : they were really painful !
The opened part of those shoes is exactly t the jonction between my nail and the rest of my feet, you know this tiny but so painful part of your foot ? I wasn't even able to stand up !

Have you tried them ?

Bonne soirée !

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