lundi 27 février 2012

Still in love with Burgundy !

Bonsoir bonsoir !!

The burgundy trend is almost gone, but it's a colour I really love, so I've started a resistance and I'm alreday thinking about summer burgundy looks !!

My sister and I did this shooting while we were in Roma, between two carnivals shows.
The weather was really bad and we only had a compact camera, that's why the quality of those pictures isn't as good as usual ...
We even had to stop the shooting because it started to rain !

Anyway, here are the few pictures we were able to take :

I'm so in love with this owl necklace, even if the boys keep on calling it "the bottle-opener" ! So naughty ... but funny too so it's fine ^^

Sweater : American vintage
Pant : Zara
Rings : Asos
Necklace : H&M
Vintage gold bracelet, gift from mom.

Once again I'm really sorry for the poor quality of those pictures ...

You can also find this look here :




And I HAVE TO tell you that here in France we are all so proud of Jean Dujardin and is movie "The Artist" : go Jean, you rule !! :-)

In my country he was already known a long time before this movie : first there is a serial, "Un gars une fille" where he met is wife Alexandra Lamy, then a funny movie : "Brice de Nice", and after that two movies with "OSS 117".
Plus he has our awful way to speak (and write as far as I'm concerned) english <3

If you can  I advise you to watch them, they're sooo funny ! (even if Brice de Nice is a little bit old now ...)

Bisous & bonne soirée !

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  1. That is a really cute little owl!