vendredi 24 février 2012

Carnaval !!!

Bonsoir à tous !

I was in Roma during the carnival and I took as much pictures as I could ! Unfortunately it is impossible to show you all of them, but I've tried to make the best selection I could, hope you will enjoy it !

Roma's carnival is reall amaing, like a fairy tale ... Here in France we have lost this tradition, there is'nt any official parade, no shows like in Roma, so sad !

But let's stop talking, here are some of the pictures :

Have you ever seen such a small pony ? Looks like a dog !
This man was soooo funny !
So sad the man on the right was always moving ! He's blurred on all my pictures ...

I'm working on a video I did during the parade, hope I will be able to post it tomorrow, but I could'nt resist/could'nt wait to show you the pictures !!!

Bonne soirée !

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