lundi 12 mars 2012

What about some silver accessories ?

Bonsoir !

Here is the last look from the shootings my sister and I did in Roma a few weeks ago.

I really love silver, almost all my jewels are in silver or white gold but I can't explain why, maybe I will love "classic" gold later ! I never take off my silver bracelets, had you already noticed them in my other looks ? :-)

More than wearing silver clothes (like in this look), I love to mix silver with other colours. My favorites are red/silver, blue/silver and white/silver ...! Probably because it's the colours I wear the most !!
And you ? Do you often mix silver with other colours ?

Here we mixed my new shirt from Zara (I had been looking for this kind of shirt for a while !) with many silver accessories : earrings, necklace, clutch and shoes !! The clutch is also new, perhaps you recognize it as it's from H&M, I saw it during the sales while doing the queue and it was at the incredible price of 3€ ! I just had to buy it. 

Then my mom came in and as I never know how to pose I'm always too serious so she started to do grimaces and other funny stuffs in order to make me laugh ! Of course it worked perfectly ...

Shirt : Zara
Earrings : bijoux brigitte
Necklace : Agatha
Clutch : H&M
Shoes : Cosmo

Hope you've liked this look !!

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Bonne soirée à tous et merci pour votre soutien !! :-)

10 commentaires:

  1. You look amazing

    kiss, Valentine

  2. J'aime ce style de looks parfaits pour travailler! =)


  3. Between silver and gold, I like silver alot more. I think they are great with alot of colors. Goes well together with all the colors you mentioned. Your clutch is so chic! And definitely your pretty!

  4. Acabo de descubrir tu blog, me ha encantado y te sigo!te dejo el mío y si te gusta te espero como seguidora :)

  5. amazing outfit

  6. Love your silver accessories :) The clutch bag is just stunning :) Adore the colour of your shirt too!

    Love, Vanilla

  7. Hi! Thanks for visit my blog! I like your look, the clutch is amazing!!

  8. beautiful outfit!love the clutch!