samedi 3 mars 2012

Clair Obscur

Bonsoir bonsoir !!

Second (and last !) poor quality look, as my sister and I shot it while we were still in Roma, with only a compact camera.

It's an inside shooting, the weather was too strange (not really rainy, not really sunny, not really anything !) to do it outside, but it gave us an idea ... :

With this golden jumper we wanted to play with the light, to do something like a "Clair Obscur" ...! I haven't found a way to translate it, apparently the italian original word "Chiaroscurso" is used in English.

It's not a total succes, however with a little huge effort you can see it !
So sad I'm not good enough with photography software to fix the dullness ! If I keep on blogging I'll probably have to learn how to use those softwares one day or another ...

By the way, do you use photography softwares ? If you do, which one are you currently using and why ?
Thanks for your help ! :-)

Acrobatics are always good for health, isn't it ? ^^

Jumper : H&M
Polo : Ralph Lauren
Rings : Asos
Earrings : Bijoux Brigitte

Hope you've enjoy those pictures despite their quality !
Next shootings will be better, I promise !

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Bonne soirée !

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