samedi 10 mars 2012

Carven, again again and again !!!

Bonjour bonjour !

Today let's talk about the French brand Carven ! Do you know it ? It's not as famous as Dior or Chanel of course ...

Before 2009 it wasn't really known in France neither, but since then a new designer came in : Guillaume Henry. And this almost forgotten brand is now among the most hyped and wanted ones !! Their first Paris store has opened in 2011 in Saint Germain and now they even have a new asian one !

When I saw an ad for their spring-summer 2011 collection I instantanely fell in love with this brand <3
Since then, at every collection I'm more and more in love. Isn't the dress on this ad totally gorgeous ??

For this summer their shoes are in my spring shoes wish list, I really hope I will be able to buy them !!!

Their show was at the beginning of the Paris Fashion Week and it has been very hard (as you can guess) to make a selection.
I've tried to show you the best of this show :

For a better quality this time the pictures are coming from New York Fashion website, here.

Hope you've loved this show as much as I do ! 
I have to save up money in order to be able to buy some of their clothes one day ...

Of course you can buy Carven clothes and accessorises on Net-a-porter website, and each time they send me an update e-mail to warn me they've received new Carven pieces it is a moral fight between superficial things like eating, and more important ones like buying those amazing clothes.
For now food as always won, but I haven't given up !

Bonne soirée à tous, rêvez bien ! :-)

5 commentaires:

  1. I would have to agree with you that it's definitely hard to choose which is the nicest. They are all great!

  2. oh thank you so much :) I'm such a fan of motorcycles, love the first picture ehhe*

  3. They have nice things.

    Thank you for all your comment on my blog! It is so lovely of you.

    x Romi

  4. je ne connaissais pas mais en tout cas j'adore leur collection

  5. they're the perfect example of parisian style. which i envy so much. :)
    so elegant and classic.