samedi 24 mars 2012

Near Versailles ...

Bonjour tout le monde !

While thinking about a new post I've realised that I haven't posted an outfit look for more than a week !
I'm really sorry about it, I haven't been able to do shootings recently ... But this week-end a huge shooting session is planned so stay in touch ! 

 While waiting for it, here are the pictures of an old shooting (almost one year ago) my sister and I did when we visited Versailles.

We did this shooting in a very cute arbour, it was really nice !


Here are some closer pictures :

The sculptures are from Bernar Venet, there was an exhibition in the gardens.
As you can see in the pictures his art isn't very discret or easy to put in your flat !!

Top : Zara
Short : Claudie Pierlot
Bracelets : Agatha
Watch : Michel Herbelin
Shoes : Louboutin

What do you think about my nail polish ? It's a pastel blue colour, from OPI I'm so in love with it <3

Hope you like this outfit !
(As you can see the fact that I don't know how to pose isn't new ! ^^)

You can support it here :

chicissimo :

Hope you like it !!!

Bisous bisous et bonne soirée !

5 commentaires:

  1. Oh, thank you so much! I have a translator on my blog at the top right. Use it if you want :)

  2. banal clothes but I'll tell you one thing: you're really pretty :D!

  3. lovely photos! xx

  4. lovely blog! lovely outfit!
    hope u like mine

  5. I love your nail polish too!! You look great. Must've taken the pic in summer?
    Versailles is 1 of my favourite historical places when I visited Paris. Although I somehow felt a sense of sadness when I read the history. But it is a good thing that many can visit this place now and learn more about France's history =)