mardi 6 mars 2012

Video for the new website !!

Bonjour à tous !!

For the launch of the new website a few months ago a video has been realized with Emanuelle Alt (editor-in-chief since 2011) and Mademoiselle Agnès.

The video is really amazing, and sooo funny ! It's good to see some fashion guru like them simply enjoying themselves in a kind of karaoke-concert, not taking themselves seriously. So refreshing ! 
And I hope it will be a humility lesson for all those who have not even 1% of their fashion taste but are so arrogant ...

The soundtrack is "Wake me up", by George Michael (1984)

It gives me a blast of energy and fun each time I'm watching it !!

Enjoy !!!!!

Bonne journée !

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  1. thanx dear for dropping by my blog.... nice blog there!!