vendredi 1 juin 2012

Some news !

Bonsoir !

I haven't post for almost 1 month now and I'm really really sorry about that, I have a lot of very important exams, orals, etc ... 

During this month I took 4 days of vacations to take a breathe among all the exams: with my dad and my sister we went to Amsterdam !! I've managed to take a tons of pictures, I will show them to you soon, promised ! 

I'm not going to leave you with only these few sentences, so here are the videos of my three favourites songs from a band call "Shaka Ponk". 
Have you heard about it ? 

It's a French band, but it is known here only since a few months whereas they're almost famous in Germany for years !!
They sing mainly in English, with some Spanish words.
However one of their latest song is also in french, featuring Bertrand Cantat the singer of the former band Noir Desir (do you know it ?).

Bonne soirée les amis !

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