mardi 5 juin 2012

The hunting lodge

My sister and I took those pictures almost a month ago, during a nice week-end in the country.
We did that shooting at an old and now unused hunting lodge in the forest. It was so nice !!!

I believe I can flyyyyyyy !!!!!!


(sorry for the plants pictures, I couldn't help from taking them the light was too beautiful ...)

Dress : IKKS
Shoes : Repetto
Necklace : H&M
Bracelets : Agatha and gifts
Rings : Dior and Agatha

I love this black dress, it's my famous Little Black Dress and I'm really happy to have found it, particularly when I read complaints of girls still looking for it ... ^^
Why this one ?
First I can wear it all year long (except during day in summer), it can be very chic or relaxed ... Bref, I can wear it as much as I want and that's really important.
It's also very comfty, soft, and I think the shoulders give it an original touch that I love.
Classic but with a twist ;-)

What do you think of this bug necklace ? And have you already found your lbd too ? Tell me about it !!!

Hope you like this outfit ! 

Bonne soirée à tous !

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2 commentaires:

  1. Really cool post. Love the sleeves on your dress!


  2. Hi dear! Glad that you are still sharing beautiful pics even with busy schedule =)
    I must say yir black dress is really nice and it does look comfy. I like the shoulder's detailing too =) But I like your flats most! =D