jeudi 7 juin 2012

How to wear the lace dress : let's go on fluo !!

Bonjour à tous !!

Do you already have a white lace dress ? Like almost every summer it's trendy again, and you can wear it in almost infinity ways ! You can do it simple, romantic, rock, fun, etc ...

So first of all the essential : a white lace dress selection 

1. Asos
2. Asos
3. Zara
4. Zara

I've chosen not-too-expensive dresses : I don't think it is very useful to put a lot of money in a basic like this, it's more about accessorizing it. :-)

So now let's talk about how to accessorize it !

A first idea is to go on fluo.
It's -again- very trendy this summer, and you can re-use some of the stuffs you maybe have bought last year for the "color-block" trend.

I'm going to present you 3 main colours : blue, yellow and orange because they're my favourites.
For each colour I've selected a vest (a cheap one because it's harder to wear than shoes or bags when a trend is over), a belt, two bags : a clutch for evening and a day-bag.
And of course I've done a quite big shoes selection with different kind of shoes : evening, wedges, flats, ... So everyone can find something inspiring !!

As far as I'm concerned I think the best combining would be belt+shoes(+bag/clutch), or vest+shoes.

Vest : H&M
Clutch : Bottega Veneta
Bag : Ralph Lauren Collection
Belt : Ralph Lauren Collection

1. Miu Miu, 695€
2. Lanvin, 330€
3. Camilla Skovgaard, 450€
4. Christian Louboutin, 525€
5. Missoni, 225€
6. Yves Saint Laurent, 495€

Vest : Girl. By Band of Outsiders
Clutch : H&M
Bag : Proenza Schouler

1. Brian Atwood, 455€
2. Christian Louboutin, 450€
3. Christian Louboutin, 575€
4. Christian Louboutin, 525€
5. Belle Sigerson Morrison, 190€

6. Mulberry, 595€

Vest : H&M
Clutch : Zara
Bag : Michael Kors
Belt : MCQ Alexander McQueen

1. Carven, 320€
2. MCQ Alexander McQueen, 245€
3. Michael Kors, 170€
4. Red Krakoff, 735€
5. K Jacques St Tropez, 205€
6. Jimmy Choo, 365€

Hope you've liked this selection and found some ideas !!

I will soon show you some other ideas about "how to wear the lace dress", if you want me to do a special selection you can ask in your comment or send me an e-mail. :-)

Bonne soirée mes chers lecteurs !

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  1. These are all great ideas! good job!