jeudi 21 juin 2012

Amsterdam, day 3

Bonjour mes chers lecteurs !

The pictures of the third and last day of our trip to Amsterdam
 (Pictures of the first day are here and here, and of the second one here)

This third day we had already walked along the canals, visited the van Gogh museum and the Rijskmuseum, done some shopping, so we choose just to enjoy the sun and our last hours in this beautiful city ! :-)

For lunch we stop at a small restaurant recommended by the nice and very fun tobbaconist to whom my dad bought a few cigars : Stoop & Stoop.
Since there isn't really any typical dishes you don't need to spend hours looking for THE good typical restaurant :-)

If you go there, I have two advices for you : try their meat, and don't ever try their rosé wine ! NEVER ! It's the worst I've ever drank (and I've drank bad ones, trust me I'm an engineering student ^^) But it made us laught a lot, so thank you poor awful wine 

When we went back I realised that I hadn't took any pictures of our room or of the view from our window ... Sorry, I'm still a new blogger I don't yet have this kind of reactions !

We had a nice view over a rowing club :

And our hotel room :

Then after packing we walked in the Vondelpark, enjoying our last moments in this city before going back to Paris and spend 6 hours squeezed in the car !!

And to say goodbye, a crazy face ! :-)

Pull : Ralph Lauren
Pant : The Kooples
Shoes : Jonak
Necklace : gift from mum
Rings : Dior, Agatha

Passez une bonne journée !

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  1. Looks like it is still quite cold in Amsterdam? Cos I see that you are wearing a sweater and have a trench coat still..