lundi 23 avril 2012

Vogue Paris April issues - Inspiration

Bonjour bonjour !

Comment allez vous ?

An other inspiration post from the same Vogue Paris (very quick this time), I told you about it here.

This one is called "Sous le soleil", and I find those pictures totally gorgeous, it makes me think of Brigitte Bardot when she was young.
The whole shooting was amazing as always with Vogue, but this two pictures are my favourites :

 Photographe : Lachlan Bailey
Realisation : Géraldine Saglio

It makes me want to be in summer holidays !!

How do you find them ?
What do you think of a short-sleeve jumper on top of your bikini when it's a little bit cold on the beach ?

Bonne journée <3
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2 commentaires:

  1. me too!! I really need a a holiday!