mardi 17 avril 2012

Vogue Paris April Issue : Show inspiration !

Bonsoir chers lecteurs !

Yes I know I'm doing this inspiration post from the April issue while you can almost already buy the may one ... But inspiration is eternal right ? :-)

All the shootings were amazing as always, but I'm not going to present you all of them together, that would be too easy ! 
So tonight I would like to show you the "show inspirating" shootings, they're called "Chic Boxing" and "Haute Couture".

"Chic Boxing" makes me think of "Million Dollar Baby", the Clint Eastwood's movie. 
Have you seen it ? If not you definitely have to, this movie is just ... wow ! No words for that !
It has won a lot of oscars : best movie, best director, and also best actress for Hilary Swank ... So I'm not totally crazy when I say it's a great movie, you can trust me on this one !! :-)

Réalisation : Géraldine Saglio
Photographe : Lachlan Bailey

The trailer of this movie is quite weird (hope it won't discourage you !) :

The other "Show inspirating" shooting, "Haute Couture", is really funny I hope the models have enjoyed themselves as much as we do looking at those pictures !! 

Réalisation : Emmanuelle Alt
Photographe : Mario Sorrenti

All the pictures are from the Vogue Paris April issue.

Bisous et bonne soirée à tous ! 

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