samedi 7 avril 2012

New beauties ...

Bonjour  !

Comment allez-vous ? :-)
This is a quick post about my new babies, aka heels, from the french brand Tara Jarmon. 
Do you know this brand ? I'm not sure you can find it out of France like Sandro or Maje ... Anyway, if you don't know it (and can of course) you should definitely take a look at the collection !!

I was looking for nude heels for this summer (yeah, girls are always looking for THE kind of shoes that is not among the 50 pairs we already own ... isn't it ?) at first I didn't thought of pumps, but when I saw those I knew I had found the pair I was looking for. (Not sure I'm using the right tenses, sorry if I don't)

What do you think of them ?
Do you have already found your "this summer perfect shoes" ?

Bonne journée et bon week-end à tous <3

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5 commentaires:

  1. like the colour^^

    Roxalne's sisters

  2. cute! still on the look out for my perfect summer shoes. You used the right tenses but the last sentence was wrong... the do you should be ommitted..


  3. haha I agree, we girls have so many shoes but there's always something missing! :P these nude pumps are gorgeous <3

  4. i found your blog through IFB and its so precious! i love these shoes, they are adorable!

    i'm following you!

    alicia // river city

  5. Whoa!! This is a very very nice pair of shoes. It is easy to pair with any type of color clothings.

    I find that it is hard sometimes to find something you really wanted. But when you don't keep looking for them, they appear out of nowhere! =D I've been looking for a pair of brown leather heels but I can't seem to find it so I gave up looking and hoping it will come to me out of the blue.