dimanche 1 juillet 2012

Pictures of the month

Here are some of the outfits/accessories photos I took this month and shared on twitter !
I'm not on instagram since I have a Blackberry, but you can follow me via twitter if you want :-)

I'm sorry about the poor quality of the pictures, as you may have noticed they're taken using my phone ^^ 

And now accessorizes (and my favourite nail polishes of the month (the orange (holiday) and the yellow (mimosa) ones are new :-) )

saaaaaaaallllleeeesssss !!!!

Team Rocket : 0     Revisions : 0     Me : 1

Sadly true !

Have a nice day !!


2 commentaires:

  1. Great photos! Love the first outfit! :)

  2. The last photo is so cute! =D
    I like your floral skirt which you paired with a white top =)